Paco Casares - +34 615 95 20 22

Software expertise

Maya / 3Ds Max / Blender / Zbrush / Substance Painter / Substance Designer / Renderman

Unreal / Unity / Marmoset Toolbag / Topogun / Photoshop / Illustrator / Nuke

Other software: Arnold, After Effects, Da vinci, Gaia, Houdini, InDesign, Marvellous Designer, Premiere, ProCreate, Vray. 


As a versatile artist, I am adept at performing a wide range of tasks. The following highlights my strongest abilities, with some notable areas being:


  • Ability to Interpret Briefs: Proficient in comprehending project briefs, translating photographic references of real-world objects, or 2D concept art into detailed 3D assets.

  • High and Low-Poly Modeling: Skillful in utilizing high-poly modeling for intricate detailing and low-poly modeling for baking details into normal maps.

  • Proficient in Sub-Division Modeling: Adept at employing subdivision surfaces, utilizing creases and edge loops to control bevels at different levels of detail.

  • Hard Surface Modeling: Capable of creating props and vehicles with CAD-like precision, ensuring clean shapes and accurate shading.

  • UV Unwrapping: Proficient in ensuring UVs are effectively prepared for texturing, with a focus on creating tightly packed and well-organized UV layouts, minimizing distortion.  Ability to make UDIMs. Ability to have a consistent pixel density. 


  • Organic Modeling: Proficient in digital sculpting using ZBrush, with advanced skills in utilizing DynaMesh, Remesher, and Sculptris.  
  • Capable of creating characters and creatures with believable anatomy.
  • Experienced in working across various levels of detail, from establishing broad shape language to capturing minute details such as wrinkles and pores.
  • Able to sculpt environments, including elements like rocks, trees, and ruins.


  • Optimizing Topology

    • Ensuring topology is game-friendly, allowing for correct deformation during animation and optimal performance.

  • Logical Edge Flow

    • Demonstrating a clear understanding of logical edge flow, identifying elements that need to bend for rigging and shading purposes.

  • Efficiency and Speed

    • Proficient in performing quad-based topology efficiently, utilizing techniques to streamline workflows in software such as Maya, Blender, and TopoGun.


  • Texturing Skills:

    • Proficient in texturing using the Metallic workflow (with roughness) or the Specular workflow (with Glossiness) adhering to Physically Based Standards for creating assets, environments, and characters.
  • Smart Material and Procedural Techniques:

    • Ability to use and create Smart Materials, Smart Masks, and textures employing procedural techniques.
  • Artifact-Free Mesh Maps:

    • Expertise in generating artifact-free mesh maps through baking processes to create Ambient Occlusion, Normal Maps, Curvature Maps, and IDs.
  • Stylistic Hand-Painted Textures:

    • Adept at crafting stylistic hand-painted textures by leveraging form, shape, and lighting with brush strokes to emulate a specific artistic style or art bible. 


  • Great Communication Skills:

    • Take pride in collaborating effectively with various departments to achieve the directors' goals.
  • Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving:

    • Provide creative thinking and problem-solving abilities when faced with artistic constraints or technical difficulties, often leading to the reinvention of workflows.
  • Adaptability and Learning:

    • Learn and adapt with ease to new tools, techniques, and project requirements while maintaining flexibility in the face of changes in project scope or artistic direction.
  • Efficient Deadline Management:

    • Demonstrate efficiency in meeting deadlines while consistently delivering high-quality work, achieved through effective task prioritization.

There are many other skills that I am proficient in, such as animation, rigging, compositing, concept art, and graphic design. If you require a sample of a specific skill or ability, please contact me at or +34 615 95 20 22.