Mailer Bags

Freelance project to create visualizations for plastic-free bags.

At first I did a fair amount of Research and Development in order to create the most realistic possible bags. After learning about n-cloth and experimenting with ZBrush cloth, I concluded that the most effective workflow for maintaining realism with accurate dimensions was using Marvellous Designer.

I employed accurate measurements in creating these bags to ensure correct product visualizations. Additionally, I stitched together a shirt for the lifestyle presentation.

In this workflow, I utilized Marvellous Toolbag, Maya with the application of Transfer Attributes for retopology, Arnold, Marmoset Toolbag, and Substance Designer to create the plastic texture. I also used Photoshop to recreate the labels.

You may notice renders here done with a cleaner version of the bags, while others appear more realistic. I have provided both to showcase the Marvellous Designer simulation in action with the appropriate settings. The Client opted with a cleaner presentation while we used a hybrid for the lifestyle image.